Why I created HerXpress

Intent of HerXpress

It is my HOPE that someone out there can relate to my stories, trials, and testimonies. Everyone’s journey is different, but if something in mine, can help yours become easier, then I’ve done what he’s called me to do. I aspire to EXPRESS, EMPOWER, and EXPLORE.

I choose to Express my thoughts and trials – A lot of us keep our feelings boxed, and thoughts private in fear of being judged.. I shan’t! Sharing is caring. I NEED you to know how IMPERFECT I am. God made me this way. With that being said I do make mistakes, and guess what? YOU DO TOO. I’m in no position to judge anyone, and will block any judgment that comes my way.

Empower by definition is to make (someone) stronger and more confident.  I can only hope by reading my blog, you find what makes you strong, reclaim your strength especially in controlling YOUR life and claiming YOUR right.

Lastly I encourage all of you to Explore yourselves, and lives. Find out what makes you, YOU. Enjoy life… take a trip, shoot… take several!  Get out of your comfort zone and do something new.

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