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Off Hiatus 

I told myself when I started this blog, I would be more transparent. This one was hard to write, but I’m going to release the last bit of these bad vibes lurking around…  Despite how well put together I may seem to others, I am flawed, and have times when I need to take a knee. 

If you’ve been following you might know that I’m in the middle of a move, literally going from east coast to west coast. Having to put my home on the market, get it ready for rent. This hasn’t been the easiest process, my new home unfortunately needs a little tender love and care. Which is adding to the cost of this move… all I see is $$$$ signs 🙁 My son has been having some difficulties in school. Without going into too many details, I’m trying to better understand him, and it’s become frustrating because I don’t feel like I have a grasp on the situation.  My time spent with my babies is just not enough anymore, I can’t fathom how my mom did it, there just isn’t enough time 😞 My weight gain has had me in the dumps, and you’d think as hard as I go with cardio and running things would be different but no… I’m struggling 😕😕 it doesn’t help that I’ve been under the most stress I’ve been under in a long time. It’s hard to bounce back, I feel weighed down. Folks at work aren’t the most inspiring group of ppl to work for. The atmosphere has changed, and to be honest I’m ready to leave. Lastly this relationship with Tyjuan… 🙄🙄 it surely hasn’t been perfect AT ALL… I don’t usually go into detail regarding my relationships because ppl want to see you fail, or their advice isn’t the most practical. My connection with social media is strong. I blog, and provide inspiration, share testimonies among many  things. In doing that I’m strongly connected to instagram, twitter, and FB… long story short it’s put a SERIOUS thorn in what we were trying to do…. and has opened up and revealed its relevance to our relationship. All of these things combined has had me in very weird space. I took a break from FB to get my thoughts together… but they still aren’t. This past weekend I have chosen to come out of the bad space, however I still feeling scattered. This was is definitely the RATED G version of my life, but all in all what’s real.
All that having been acknowledged everyday, like clockwork I get up, get dressed and go to class/work. I just get on with my day.  Still feeling unbalanced these days. My spiritual warriors are going to ask if I’ve prayed… I have. I’m just tired.

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