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Get together & feel alright

Can you say awesome??!!

I am typing out this blog while on a flight back to DC. Listen y’all…. Jamaica 2016 was great. A much needed reset. I spent it with a group of mature, classy, humble women. We had a ball do you hear me? From visiting Montego Bay, to our stay at the RIU in Negril, climbing the water falls at Dunns River in Ochos Rios, to celebrating one of the ladies birthday at the SkyBar Beach Seafood restaurant. We hit the party boat to Ricks Cafe, and Margaritaville. From the moment we touch ground we were on the go…

I had a couple of moments out there where I just needed to be by myself, but overall it was a surreal vacation. The water is so beautiful. I know it is the Jamaicans native country, but I am always blown away by the beautiful views on that island. Breath taking.

Sooooo while on vacation the elections took place. I don’t have much to say about it anymore, this is America and guess what? you can do what you want, and be who you want. #skyisthelimit truly….I just hope my kids learn that in their lifetime they were able to witness twice that there aren’t any limits to what you can do in life. America feeling some type of way with regards to who was voted in office, but the facts are that Donal Trump, will soon be President Trump, and will be the voice of our country. He certainly did not have my vote but I will support him (Morse so because I HAVE too) in an effort to show my kids that in life, you have to roll with “it” sometimes, despite how you feel or what you want. People didn’t think Pres. Obama would be as great as he was and look… an awesome leader of the free world. I tell me children to just focus on being great in life, and being the best person you can be to others, yourself, and most importantly for the good Lord Christ himself. That is who we live for, not a president.

Overall Jamaica was nice, but I have business to attend to at home, work, and school… I miss my kiddos. but definitely enjoyed myself. Everyone deserves peace, and I loved every bit of mine.


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