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Making memories ❤️

Ok was not sure how I wanted to start this blog off. But the title is definitely appropriate. I met him on Tinder a few months ago, July 28th to be exact..  His name is Ty (for the sake of my blog).  Just when I decided to give the dating realm another chance, we swipe right.  I’m not even really sure why I was even on Tinder again to begin with knowing I was about to leave the area, but I’m like hey why not.

Why him?  He’s mellow, calm, collected. He’s a gentlemen and handsome 😉  It wasn’t until after several of conversations and dates, that I started to feel some type of way.  He’s a little bit older than what I’m usually into. We discuss sex, a lot. Not in the manor that most folks do, but more like a debate.  I shared with him that I was not interested in having sex.  I believe sex is overrated, and should be shared with people you care for.  Him and I seem to think differently about that, but none the less he respected my wishes. There was no pressure to be intimate, and it made me look at him differently.  He’s an ACTIVE dad who loves his kids. Lastly, he makes me feel beautiful, even when I don’t feel like it. These are just some of the things he does that I love.  And well, before you know it, I’m really starting to like him.

It hasn’t been 100% dreamy. There were some concerns that needed addressing. I’m the type of person who has learned over time that when something is unsettling, to address and move forward, and we do that.  All I know is that I feel more than a “like” for him, and I enjoy making memories….

Not exactly sure what the future holds, but I DID change my status from Single to In a Relationship 😉

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