I’m baaaaaaaaacckkkk……

Man, it has been such a long time since I’ve written here, but I’m back. So I’m going to try and recap what has been going on in the last few months and hopefully I catch everything.

Well, a couple of blogs ago I mentioned that my family and I would be moving quite a distance away from where we live now which is on the East Coast. We are actually heading to Washington state, all the way west. I was not excited about this move but I do know that everything happens for a reason, and God is never wrong. The great thing about going to Washington, is that I have friends over there who love and care for my family dearly, I also have extended family who will be nearby as well. So, this move although that’s not something I wanted… Has turned out to be something that will be great for my family.

Hmmm, what else? Well I am back in school. Finishing up my bachelors degree in philosophy. I decided that I would take two classes at a time, so I don’t overwhelm myself with moving, working, my mommy duties, and just my overall mental balance. It hasn’t been easy but I am excited for where this journey will lead me. I’m doing my hardest to set up a solid example for my daughter and sons of what and how dedication to excellence looks like.

I am also on a journey to join a great organization. I can’t speak much about it as I have just started… But follow me in the next four weeks and I should hopefully have exciting news to share with you all 🙂

Oh, I’m dating 🙂 his name is Ty. If you know anything about the type of man that interest me and if you met or have seen him, then you know he is exactly what appeals to me. Outside of his appearance he’s a very sweet, caring, educated, and a realist. I started back dating for a while I would say I started back dating about two months before I met him, early this summer. And let’s just say disappointment was leading the way. But I like him. He has a very calm demeanor, yet still very sexy.  The fact that I was abstinent for sex for over a year and he was willing to keep it going, while respecting my wishes- that open a different type of door with him… he knows that I’m moving and we both decided to just cross that bridge when we get there. Hopefully in the months to come I’ll have more to share.

My relationship with God has definitely gotten stronger. I am more receptive to any and everything he opens my eyes to. I believe he illuminates my path and that I will learn, and endure all that he lays out for me. During this process in my walk with God I’ve learned that this is my journey, and no one else’s. How God decides to lead me, affect me, love me, and Grace Me has everything to do with my relationship with him. I am always thankful for his mercy and grace and will always learn to lean on him and trust in him. Patience has always been an issue for me and I can honestly say in the last 10 months my patience has gotten better, thank you Lord.

As far as blogging … I promise to do better y’all
Thank you for staying connected, and as always leave a comment and make sure that you’re following so that you get all the updates. Thank you for your support 🙂

2 thoughts on “I’m baaaaaaaaacckkkk……

  1. Sis.. your blog is awesome to say the least.. keep doing what your heart/God leads you to do and this awesomeness will reach so many people who need it.


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