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Life. Change. Blessings

What an eventful week.

I haven’t written in a while so I decided to do an update…

Week has definitely been eventful. We lost an Iconic legend, and musical genius.. Prince at 57. It’s crazy because we just don’t know the hour. our last hour. We just have to be ready. It was sad news, and really hit me hard, because I love his music. I can remember driving in Kentucky with my best friend rocking out to oldies but goodies, and we had Prince in rotation HARD.  He was truly un-othordox.. but respected.

***********Weight journey is still under way… will start a separate blog for it, to include diet details, workouts, pictures, and progress reports. This WILL happened and it WILL be life changing, can’t wait to share!*************

Found out this week that I may be relocating to the west coast. was just a bit devastated, out of my control. so many thoughts associated with this move, wether or not to stay in my occupation, hold out a little bit longer or just embrace it. What I have done for sure, was give it to God. My natural reaction had me deep in my feelings. BUT I know whatever he has for me is for me and I truly accept that.

What I realized is that I can’t live in temporary emotions. Things happen. We react, and move on. Regardless of what happens or how it makes you feel – don’t live in the temporary moment. Sometimes you have to give people their space. If someone slowly starts to withdraw from you, don’t be offended, upset, or mad.. confused maybe, but accept it. Don’t overcrowded, and appreciate seasons! What does this mean? It’s not about why or why not… but thanking God for revealing the temporary lesson and applying it towards life and strengthening your walk. #CIT #ChristianInTraining.

** In other news: I started tweeting again. I remember I use to tweet ALL the time lol… like ALL the time LOL. It’s cool a way to just vent, without necessarily blogging every two minutes or updating your FB status constantly, I’ve also started snapping on snap chat =) soo find my social links to the LEFT ——> and follow a sistah! ‘preciatecha =)

Despite all, I really enjoyed my weekend. Kids spent time at Parents Night out, and it was two of my friends birthday. We celebrated with smiles and laughs… bowling at Lucky Strikes in DC, awesome time! Met some “new” friends, and reconnected with some I hadn’t seen in some time. Church was awesome. Life is good.

***And if the elevator try to break you down GO CRAZY!

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