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Praise Break

Watch the Holy Ghost move…

As you all know my walk with Christ is getting deeper and deeper, I have so much to share, but today I want to tell you how a simple verse and church led to my testimonial share and a real heart-to-heart with a friend.

Last week in church my pastor talked about leading others to Christ. He spoke on how important it was to serve… not just to come to Church for spiritual education and our own spiritual nourishment, but to ensure we take it back out to the world so that others who are lost and don’t know can find their way or way back. In doing that, we are serving, we are evangelist. Pastor Mike’s message specifically addressed Acts 8:26-40 (Phillip and the Ethiopian). in this passage Philip is moved by the Holy Ghost who tells him to go to the Ethiopian and to sit beside him, now while doing this, he’s witnessing the Ethiopian reading scriptures from the Bible. Philip addresses the Ethiopian and a dialogue begins. The Ethiopian was reading the Scriptures but did not understand what he was reading but because the Holy Spirit sent philip, it allowed him to break down the scripture in detail and give him the good news about Jesus. In that moment while listening to my pastor break this chapter down it was clear to me that as Christians we sometimes have a tendency to judge others who are NOT like us. We are sometimes eager to push someone to Christ without them having a full understanding, of who he is what he’s done what he’s capable of. We don’t have to hover over people about being saved, however when the opportunity presents itself, we should take advantage of it and share examples of our testimony and how great God is. When it’s not forced folks who don’t believe or are lost will receive it better.

As always I took Sunday’s teaching for what it was, and put it in my warrior tool bag. No sooner than Monday I’m having lunch with a friend, who just didn’t know how to turn back to God for prayer and mercy. The story in the bible was just like Monday, she was trying to understand him better (and I’m definitely STILL learning) but it all came together, and in my heart I felt it was the Holy Ghost moving. It was the right place and time, and I just shared with her, the many things he’s done for me, and how great his grace is, that she’s never too far gone to go back. at the end of the day it wasn’t about me or what happened to me in my life but it was about his grace, how forgiving our God is and I felt good that I was able to share with her who he was and the good news about Jesus. I felt like an evangelist, I felt like I was doing his work, a good feeling.

It just amazes me when I hear the word, and apply it to real life….#christianintraining


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