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In search of clarity.

Hi I’m back everyone. I took a little time off to gather my thoughts and pray for clarity. Recently it seems that I’ve been a little distracted. So I took some time to seek God in helping me see things through, to clarify what I may or may not be feeling, and to also reveal someone’s intent in my life. 
It was my plan to just lay low from social media and avoid various persons that I normally would have been communication with. I did this so that I could think clearly, and in pure solitude. 
Sooo yea about that… it didn’t quite work out that way! I kept hearing from someone in particular, who was a part of this prayer. If I had to explain it in very short clear and concise words this person just kept popping up. Either I got a phone call from them I saw them in passing but some form of communication happened during this time. Now me being the Christian that I am, took this for what it was. I pray for clarity that someone’s intent be revealed, and I believe that God was showing me.
I’m not 100% on how all of this works but I know that I did pray, sincerely… And I’m 99% sure (and I say this because I don’t know what He has for me & I do believe) he showed me signs.
So, I’m off my social media fast and I’m just kind of stuck, because I don’t know what to do with what he showed me, what I believe he showed me.
Guess I’ll just pray some more……

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