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Seasons Change

I am changing. Slowly but surely. I see a difference in how I handle situations, respond to issues, and my overall perception of people in general. Because I’ve chosen to associate and adjust my circle of friends to those who promote positive vibes, and who are drawing me closer to God, I’ve been more conscious of what I say, do and how I present myself. 
It’s been an awkward change, but I’m reshaping my life to align with Christian beliefs. At times I’ve found it to be challenging, because I’m not very smart on the do’s and donts… I’m in #learnmode. But I’m determine to please God and love and learn Jesus everyday. 
So I’ve prefaced this blog with those specific details to say this…. You will be tested on your walk with Christ. I’m all about putting positive vibes into the atmosphere. I feel truly that its reciprocal in every way. With that being said…. My Facebook has been “popping” if you will… Messages from “friends” that are just extra on every level… Some MARRIED! It’s sad, pitiful, and pathetic. Here I am minding my very SINGLE business.. In a positive way, and even if I’m having a moment I don’t let ALLLL of Facebook know. However, during my walk it seems to be an open invitation to flood my inbox with disgusting messages from grown tale men. Now, I’ve posted (daily) positive, constructive advice. A feeeeeew selfies that may have caught the attention of some, but STILL nothing that warranted these types of DMs. 

I’m just like????? Really? What is going on in that rabbit bush mind of yours? 
There was a time following my divorced when I felt sorry for myself, and accepted all forms of attention, unaware of what God had, and still has for me. But thru his mercy I’ve grown, and seasons have changed. I’m not that woman… I don’t want to entertain your little nasty message. Boy bye!

Respect my walk, my journey..   

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