Blizzard 2016 (DMV)

Cabin fever

Blizzard 2016 has come and gone! We survived!

Preparing for the blizzard itself seemed to be the worst part of it all. Grabbing items from The grocery store was a challenge. Folks were ransacking, over buying, to the point where no one could purchase anything extra. So I have a small bit of an anxiety, just being in a store with a bunch of people was too much. Also, watching the shelves become empty of critical items such as bread milk and water, was a bit much for me.

Despite all of this we managed to get the items we needed it. My dad was so gracious as to give me a bag of salt for my driveway, annnnd cookies for the kids. I felt ready, prepared,  and secure in my home for this blizzard.

Cabin fever? Oh yes we had our share. Started the day and with bacon, eggs and pancakes for breakfast, followed by turkey sandwiches chips and dips with a side of grapes for lunch, finally I tried a recipe I found on Facebook for turkey meatball sliders… These were so good the recipe is HERE (just so you know I add my own little twist, fried some butter some sugar with a teeny bit of syrup and I made a very nice glaze for the top of the buns of the sliders and oh my gosh these things were so good.)

Cabin fever hasn’t been all that bad, kids played throughout the house, and I chilled and watch movies, end our night with Talenti Ice-cream and cookies =)


Round two starts today….. The dig out.

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