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2016 is here and…



I’m happy to report 2016 has been good thus far. I brought in the New Year at home with my family. Kids enjoyed their cousins, and grandma of course who continues to spoil them rotten.

I also finished two classes after my professors so graciously granted me an extension. To be honest, taking those two courses was really kind of stressful, especially as the holidays picked up it almost seemed impossible to complete… but I did, and so theoretically I brought in the New Year meeting a deadline! Whooooo hooooo =)

Started Monday at work with a fresh set of eyes, ears, and primed mouth for the New Year. I hit the restart button, and plan on doing some new things this year. My motto: New Year, New Things! So funny, because all over social media people were posting the memes that mocked the idea of a “New Year New Me”  as cliché as it seems I think everyone should be able to hit the reset button on their lives. Why mock someone’s attempt (no matter how many) on becoming something MORE in life? We’ve really got to do better in supporting one another.

Life is good, and I feel blessed. #readyforchange #NewYearNewThings


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