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A listening ear 👂

Hi everyone! Just wanted to come and share a few things that have been on my mind. As I get deeper with my walk (walk with Christ) I am learning lessons about the word that truly amaze me! I mean really amaze me. Just to know that the Bible was written so many years ago, and how EASILY it can be applied to our live today, y’all I’m just amazed..

So Sunday rolls around and I’m just waiting for that feeling to sink in, you know.. when you haven’t been to church in a while and  you start back up it sometimes seems like a chore? I know somebody has felt like this before. Anyway let me tell you, this is my THIRD Sunday in a row, and I ABSOLUTELY love it!!! Doesn’t feel boring or cumbersome, but almost like something I need to do, revitalizing, good for my soul. The Pastor talked about James 1:19 and in short it elaborated on being quiet and listening more.

Learning, speak, and putting God’s message into action oppose to just “reading and listening” to it.  So not only was I able to apply this scripture to my life currently and share with others, but I was quite IMPRESSED to witness a sermon from the pastor who honestly and openly spoke about his blemished past, and share his present testimony.

I have this feeling inside that I cannot explain and almost nervous to tell others about, but it almost feels like a calling, I am just not sure to what, or of what kind. I do know that I get EXCITED speaking about God, and how he continues to bless me. (smiling) This part of my walk is a daily reminder that God is NOT through with me yet. That I am capable of receiving his blessings just as much as anyone else!

Some of yall may not have read this far, but for those who have know this…. Jesus, God, the Holy Spirit is real. When you believe with your whole heart that this great Man died for our sins to be forgiven, so that we may have a place in heaven with God, it’s inexpressible feeling.

Last night I had a conversation with someone who was telling me how sometimes people just need to be heard. That it’s important for us to just listen. Y’all I was so taken aback by this conversation, because this was part of the message I heard today. He literally listened to me go on and on about an experience I had.. he asked questions, he reciprocated feedback annnnnd I don’t usually talk about this sensitive topic, but it was such a gooooooood feeling to just share and someone genuinely listened.

The word is powerful when applied.

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