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A Church Home ⛪️

Today was a good day. I am so happy to say my family and I have finally found a church home! I started this walk to strength my relationship with God. This journey is not just mine, but that of my children as well. Arriving to the church, I was not sure what to expect. I’ve been to a few in the last couple of months, and though each drove a message home, something still seemed to be missing. A connection.

Let me tell you guys, when I started looking at churches, I was online constantly, researching. I would often visit a church website and view previous recordings of sermons to see if maybe I could connect to the pastor and his or her messages. I had even gone as far as to reach back to my previous pastor and seeking advice online (don’t laugh) about finding the right church, and all roads led to prayer..

So that’s what I did, pray.. everyday on finding a church home that offered the environment that I sought after

It wasn’t until recently that I saw a post on Facebook from a friend of mine at a church she raves about. Now if you have Christian friends majority of them are always raving about “their church” lol. Everyone’s church is the best church, everyone has the best Pastor… Don’t get me wrong, I think that it’s awesome  to be proud and to praise your church, an ordained Pastor and sanctuary often offer that sensational vibe that can’t be found anywhere else. However, that experience is not always the same for each individual person, like myself. When I go to church I am there for the purpose of worshiping & praising God, not to be judged on my choice of clothes, to attend a fashion show, or  to be judged at ALL… and unfortunately that has been my experience in the past. I seemed more concerned about what I should wear that it would cause me to be late trying to appease others… at a church. At times I would find out discrediting information about the Pastor, which in return caused me to question what I was pouring my heart into, and if this was the right place for me.   So attending this new church on this good here Sunday, brought about a small amount of anxiety. I wasn’t sure if my friend would be there or not but I was determined to go anyway. Some of the same concerns that I have before popped in my head – Are members going to judge me and my family, would I be able to focus and receive the word… would I feel at home? Y’all I have to say, that immediately upon entering the church I knew it was my church home. It was as if God had rubbed my heart and personally said to me “welcome home”. The members were that of a mixed crowed, which I can appreciate, and more IMPORTANTLY- my children enjoyed it

I feel great about this place 🙂 I’m just so excited about having a place to go worship, study, and possibly… Just possibly join a ministry that I can contribute to. I’m excited about learning the word, I’m excited about strengthening my relationship with God, I’m excited about raising my children to understand and interpret Jesus and the Bible. So there you have it  #praisereport #operationfindachurchHome complete!


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