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Vacation Over…Grind Time


Vacation is over! It feels so gooooood getting back to my regular workouts! On my first day back, I gave 110%  and felt every bit of later =(

Crossfit has really grown on me. I use to be intimidated by it for the longest, but now… honey listen I just get in there and do my own thing, lift and pull my own weights. The instructor is patience, helpful, and just overall awesome. Oh, and so are the folks who attend, that just makes it even easier to show up and just do my thing.

I prayed for patience during this process, strength, and courage to see it through. There are times where I eat things that I should not eat, and lose the motivation to work out… Only because I feel as if I’ve defeated myself. Time to earn the body I want. #Imready #itsMYseason #NoDaysoffmaybejustone

Regardless, I’ve got this! States home and watch my transformation..



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